Nestgate, connected closures

Status-aware NFC

What is it?

Closure embedded brand protection

Guala Closures has taken Near Field Technology (NFC) to a new level with digital anti-counterfeiting NFC, which is integrated into its NěSTGATE connected closures. This digital tamper-detection technology, for cork stopper and screwcap, allows for scanning before and after bottle opening. An opening-aware NFC tag, embedded within the closure head, digitally registers a unique physical opening event and responds with a change-of-state NFC alert.


Digital anti-counterfeiting NFC is a new smart NFC single-chip solution which can power trusted consumer and retail IoT applications at scale. The NFC NTAG® tag offers certified security and innovative tamper evidence detection, turning the tag into a passive sensing device, able to detect a physical product’s unauthorized opening.

The closure system includes a patented irreversible mechanical tamper evident band that appears when first opening and cannot be reset. With the addition of digital anti-counterfeiting NFC, when tapped by a device, the tag detects a once-opened status that cannot be reversed. The status message sent by the tag, along with opening-aware messaging, is further protection in the fight against counterfeit and adulteration activities.

NFC NTAG® enabled closures also offer brand owners the benefits of NěSTGATE connected closures’ pre and post sales consumer engagement ability.


Digital anti-counterfeiting NFC offers global spirits brand owners robust anti-counterfeit and adulteration protection, without neglecting the other benefits in terms of logistics, business intelligence and consumer engagement.

Why choose status-aware NFC?

  • Autentication

  • Change of state

  • Scan for fun

  • Logistics

Tackle counterfeiters with secure product authentication. Detect unauthorized bottle openings

Opening detection allows for differing interaction with customers and contrasting pre and post sales messages.

Offer state-of-the-art consumer engagement, exclusive experiences and greater personalisation

Safeguard the supply chain with improved traceability and control