Nestgate, connected closures

QR Code

QR code-enabled closures allow customers to connect with brands through the product

What is QR?

Quick Response (QR) codes, which Guala Closures have integrated into its NěSTGATE connected closures, are a two dimensional (2D)  barcode that uses a matrix of pixels to encode data. 
Customers scan this code with their smartphone camera to launch the brand experience. 

Why is it popular?

Popular across Asia as a means of information access and payment, there has been a major resurgence across Europe and the Americas as a widely adopted means of contactless information delivery.

QR code enabled closures


QR-enabled closures convert each bottle into a digital media touchpoint. Users simply scan the code with the camera app on their smartphone which activates the brand experience 

Every code embedded into the closure can be generic or unique, depending on the adopted solutions:

  • GENERIC QR – every cap/bottle has the same same generic QR code. Normally in this case, to make each bottle unique, NěSTGATE closures feature an additional code (QR or alphanumeric) printed on the internal liner of the closure.
  • UNIQUE QR – in this case the external QR is digitally printed (or lasered) and makes each bottle different from all others, meaning every connected bottle is uniquely identifiable.

In both above mentioned cases, solutions are offered where every connected bottle is identifiable (by the external or internal QR) which in turn unlocks countless new consumer engagement and data collection opportunities.
In all cases, NO specific apps are needed: all phones have today QR code embedded reading capability.

Full service

And it doesn't stop there! Guala Closures offers a full end-to-end support service for brand owners from software, bottling line adaptations, digital content and activation. You’re in good hands.


QR code-enabled closures offer brand owners the opportunity to connect directly with their consumers in-store, at home and in the on-trade.

Our closures can feature this widely adopted technology promoting brand engagement where it matters – with the product in hand! 


Why choose QR code on the Closure?

  • Clearly visible

    Clearly visible

  • Versatile


  • Easy to integrate

    Easy to integrate

  • Customizable


The QR code, printed on the top of the closure, is clearly visible and prominent

Can be paired with an internal code to unlock features such as purchase verification, anti-counterfeiting, loyalty programmes and promotions

Turns your product into a ‘connected bottle’ at an accessible price point

Branded and custom designed QR codes available