Nestgate, connected closures


NFC intelligent software allows customers to tap and connect

The Near Field Technology (NFC), which Guala Closures has integrated into our NěSTGATE connected closures is a short range wireless connectivity that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication when devices are touched together. It takes less than one-tenth of a second to establish a connection between two devices.

NFC technology has a proven track record, it’s familiar to tech-savvy consumers, it’s super fast and it’s reliable. Currently used to power tapping payment systems or public transport card readers, NFC is increasingly being used in more and more diffused technologies such as mobile ticketing, access control and authentication.

By integrating this intelligent software into a bottle, it becomes “a connected bottle”. The chip positioned in the upper part of the closure can be read by all new smartphones, without the need to download any app. A single tap with a smartphone on the bottle closure is all that is needed for a consumer to connect with the brand and start a new and engaging one-to-one relationship.

In addition, Guala Closures provide a full service of software, bottling lines adaptation, digital platforms and digital contents advisory to best enhance the use of NěSTGATE by brand owners. That is what NěSTGATE connected closures is all about!

NěSTGATE technology provides brands with unprecedented data resources

Brand owners who adopt NFC enabled connected closures will be able to capture very significant caches of data, which in turn will drive distribution and marketing decisioning and efficiencies.

  • Supply chain logistics

  • Authentication

  • Business intelligence

  • Smart marketing

The NFC technology incorporates NFC tags, which allows bottles to be monitored, using sensor networks, along the supply chain. This means product can be tracked and traced from the bottling phase all the way through to the sale stage and data insights converted into logistics improvements.

Connected closures allow brands to control the authenticity of the product in the distribution channels along to all its product life cycle. It allows consumers to be confident that the product in the bottle in their hands is genuine and that it has not reached them through the grey market, outside the authorized and safety controlled distribution channels. This is of particular value to consumers of fine and premium wines and spirits who have made significant investments in buying the best. Shoppers only need to “tap the cap” and they will be taken through to the brand’s site where the product is checked and where they can read on their phone all they need to know about the product.

In addition to providing the customer with a range of product engagement features, connected closures also provides the brand owner with valuable data about the customers who are buying the product. How long did the bottle sit on the supermarket shelf? Where was the product purchased and where is it being used? Did the customer go on to engage actively with the brand? Using analytics, a brand can determine what triggered a sale and convert this business intelligence into both general marketing campaigns and customer specific content delivery.

For marketeers, NěSTGATE’s NFC integrated technology is one of the most seamless ways for a brand and a consumer to exchange information. With just one tap the consumer can enter the world of the brand and access more in-depth product information, reviews and ratings videos, navigate easily to the brand website, participate in campaigns and surveys and connect to the brand’s social media platforms. And of course, in the same way that the consumer enjoys a richer and more interactive experience with the brand, the brand has a new gateway to customer data and consumer insights. Combined with the appropriate analytics, brands can then use the data to improve market positioning and campaigns and send relevant, tailored content to their customer’s mobile devices. The opportunities for smart marketing are limitless.

Consumers benefit from richer, more interactive customer experience

For brands who adopt Guala Closures’ connected closures, the over-reaching benefit they can pass on to customers is a richer and more interactive customer experience. This is clearly also a benefit for the brand as it leads to increased brand engagement, brand loyalty and even brand ambassador activity on social media.

It doesn’t matter whether the connected closures are used for spirit, wine, olive oil or water brands, the benefits for the consumer are extensive.

  • Product

  • Tasting

  • Promotions

  • Community

  • Customisation

  • Lotteries /

  • Social share

  • VIP /
    loyalty programmes

A connected wine bottle, for instance, allows the consumer to connect with the producer, find out about the estate where the grapes were grown or how that particular wine was produced.

The brand can add value to the customer experience by providing expert tasting notes and food pairing recommendations.

Customers can benefit from opportunities to enter competitions and draws and access discounts and vouchers.

Consumers can respond to an invitation to provide feedback and review or rate their product experience.

The customer can personalize a bottle for a gift - perhaps by recording a video message, which is then downloaded by the recipient from a dedicated space on the brand website or social media platform.

The brand can enrich the customer experience with access to exclusive brand-related games, competitions and lotteries.

Customers can access branded filters which they can then use creatively on their preferred social media platforms, tagging the brand and inviting friends to do the same.

Customers can engage with the brand’s VIP or loyalty programs, collecting points for purchases made and accessing rewards, cash back schemes, discounts or free tastings.

NěSTGATE products

NěSTGATE has a wide range of connected solutions for brands across the major beverage markets of spirits, wine and olive oil; we actively work to have all Guala Closures product portfolio provided with NěSTGATE Technology. Guala Closures can also develop bespoke closures to meet a brand’s unique specifications, not only in the spirits, wine and olive oil markets but also in other segments such as water, soft drinks and pharmaceuticals.

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