Nestgate, connected closures

Internal Code

Take your connected closures to the next level with NěSTGATE internal codes

The ability to deliver experiences based on a bottle being purchased or opened has been a brand owners dream...until now.

Customers can choose between an alphanumerical string or a QR code, found on the liner of the closure.

The code (QR or 6 alphanumeric digits) is unique and can be used to verify purchase, unlocking a number of consumer experience opportunities.

When prompted, consumers enter the code or scan the QR code. This is what we call purchase verification and it changes the bottle identity from pre to post-purchase and unlocks multiple possibilities for post purchase engagement.

Internal Code


Providing purchase verification is a truly unique proposition only attainable through the closure.
Your brand’s Internal code could:


  • Exclusive


  • Purchase verification

    Purchase verification

  • Authentication


  • Data & Insights

    Data & Insights

Deliver exclusive post-purchase content

Power loyalty programs and experiences with purchase verification

Provide product authentication and combat counterfeit products

Create deeper insights on consumer consumption behavior

Take your connected closures to the next level with NěSTGATE Internal codes