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Innovation takes customer engagement to the next level

Innovation is in the very DNA of Guala Closures and, by investing in the research and development of smart closures with digital solutions, the company is continuing to provide opportunities for brands to take customer engagement to the next level.

But why concentrate on the closure? There’s a practical reason for that. The closure remains on the bottle until it’s finished and it’s robust enough to not only protect the contents, but the technology too.

In years gone by people shipwrecked on desert islands put their message in a bottle. Today, all the messaging is in the bottle closure. Times have indeed moved on!

Tap technology powers new level
of customer experience

Guala Closures is committed to responding, not only to the fast pace of technology, but also to changing patterns of consumer behaviour. NěSTGATE’s innovative connected packaging allows brands to harness valuable customer insights and to provide their customers with not only products but also a product experience.


As part of our ongoing R&D programme, Guala Closures has already integrated some of the most cutting-edge technologies into its closures. Near Field Technology (NFC) is a short range wireless connectivity that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication when devices are touched together. That’s our tap technology which is already powering new consumer engagement for our brands’ customers.


QR Code

Guala Closures NěSTGATE range of connected closures now also feature QR code technologies, able to convert each bottle into a digital media touchpoint. Customers just have to scan the code with their smartphone camera to launch the brand experience. 


QR Code
Internal codes

Internal codes

Take brand’s connected closures to the next level with NěSTGATE internal codes, providing purchase verification. This is a truly unique proposition only attainable through the closure.