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Why connected packaging?

Wouldn’t you love to start a conversation with your customer when they pick your product off the supermarket shelf? Wouldn’t it be great to tell them the story behind the label on the bottle. To explain that the grapes were picked in an organic collective in southern Spain or point out that it’s a red best served chilled? Or to suggest food pairings for that single malt the customer is considering or recipe ideas for a virgin olive oil?

And then when they open that bottle, wouldn’t it be great to continue that conversation? What do you like about the product? Let me tell you more about it! Look what else I can share with you! Wouldn’t it be a marketeer’s dream to have a real relationship with that customer?

Now you can!

Connectivity opens doors to direct customer communication

Connectivity opens doors to direct customer communication

NěSTGATE: it’s all the name. A comprehensive range of connected caps with the power to open to new and exciting digital relationships between brands and customers.

Guala Closures’ NěSTGATE technology has revolutionized conventional bottle packaging by integrating a connectivity feature into the bottle closure. By Using Near Field Communication Technology (NFC), NěSTGATE’s range of closures allows a consumer to tap the closure of a bottle with a mobile phone device and engage with the brand.
In the same way that photos and information can be shared between smartphones by tapping them together, NěSTGATE’s tap technology allows bottle brands to communicate directly with consumers.
Once a consumer has tapped their mobile device on a connected closure, the scope for engagement is limitless. Today’s consumers want original, authentic experiences and NěSTGATE provides closures with technology for brands to deliver exactly that. Brands can use the connectivity to tell their story, share their knowledge, offer incentives, build loyalty and encourage social media activity.
And once the customer has tapped their phone and opted into the relationship, brands can capture valuable customer data as well as data on where and when the product was bought. Is what at Guala Closures we call Internet of Closures!